Human Trafficking involves the slavery of humans through the exploitation or control of another. The usual victims of trafficking are children or adults age 18 or older coerced or deceived into commercial sex acts or various forms of slave labor. These situations usually involve force, fraud or coercion while inducing the person to commit certain acts. It generates billions of slopes each year and is one of the fastest growing criminal industries worldwide.

The signs relating to trafficking are red flags and could be helpful along with displaying human trafficking compliance posters. Some signs to identify victims include: unable to come and go freely, under 18 providing commercial sex acts, is in the commercial sex industry and has a pimp or manager, is unpaid, paid very little or paid through tips, is not allowed breaks or under other unusual conditions, recruited through false promises, and high security measures at work.

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California Human Trafficking Poster Requirement Deadline is April 1

Compliance Poster Company announces certain businesses in California must post the new CA Human Trafficking poster. The State of California Department of Justice just published and released the required notice.

Back in 2012 Senate Bill 1193 passed requiring businesses and establishments to post the notice informing the public and victims of human trafficking of telephone hotline phone numbers and other services available to those affected. By law the notice must be posted in English and Spanish and one other language largely spoken in the county where the business is located.

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