San Francisco’s Minimum Wage Increases in 2014

Effective January 1, 2014 San Francisco’s minimum wage increases by $0.19 cents to $10.74 per hour. The San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) handles the Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave and Health Care Security Ordinances, as well as, the recently enacted  Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance.

Specifically, the San Francisco minimum wage increase applies to all employers in the city with employees who perform at least two hours of work in a particular week.

Additionally, every employer must post in a conspicuous place at any workplace or job site where any employee works the notice published each year by the Agency informing employees of the current Minimum Wage rate and of their rights. Employers must post the minimum wage notice in English, Spanish, Chinese and any other language spoken by at least five percent of the employees at the workplace or job site. Finally, every employer must also provide each employee at the time of hire the employer’s name, address and telephone number in writing.

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Understanding HIPAA Health Information Privacy Rights

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With recent changes in healthcare law making the headlines, ensuring consumers are informed and understand their health information privacy rights is a priority. To help answer some questions, Compliance Poster Company has updated the Federal “Your Health Information Privacy Rights” Poster with current information about patient privacy rights and understanding the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) Notice patients receive from their providers.

The Privacy Rights poster advises consumers, patients and employees of their right to see and copy medical and billing records, have health record misinformation corrected, and know how their information is shared with others.  The poster also explains what is covered by a heath provider’s Notice of Privacy Practices and what signing the Notice means and does not mean for patients.

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New San Francisco Ordinance: Family Friendly Workplace

The City of San Francisco is California’s fourth largest city and a proactive one when it comes to labor laws and ordinances. The San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) enforces the city’s unique labor laws adopted by San Francisco voters and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In 2014, OLSE will be enforcing a new law, the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance.

The Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance allows for flexible work schedules/arrangements for employees providing care to specified individuals.

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Jersey City Passes Mandatory Employee Sick Leave Ordinance

Effective January 23, 2014, all private employers with employees working in Jersey City will be required to provide eligible employees with sick time off.

Employers with 10 or more employees will be required to provide paid sick leave, and employers with fewer than ten employees will be required to provide unpaid sick leave.

Eligible employees will accrue one (1) hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours in a 12-month period. Unused sick time is carried over to the next period.

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Arizonians Will See Larger Paychecks in 2014

The Industrial Commission of Arizona has released minimum wage information for 2014. Effective January 1, 2014, the minimum wage will increase by 10 cents to $7.90 per hour. Every employer covered under the Minimum Wage Act will be required to pay each employee wages not less than $7.90 per hour. Violations of the Minimum Wage Act may result in significant penalties as well as civil action.

Compliance Poster Company will be updating the Arizona State and Federal Labor Law posters once notices are released by the state.

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Florida Minimum Wage Bumps Up by 14 Cents in 2014

Effective January 1, 2014 Florida’s minimum wage increases by  14 cents to $7.93 per hour and $4.91 per hour for tipped employees, in addition to tips. Back in November of 2004 Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment creating the Florida minimum wage. Furthermore, the minimum wage must be adjusted each year based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) changes.

Compliance Poster Company will be updating Florida State and Federal Labor Law products with the new 2014 minimum wage rate changes soon.

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Ontario Canada Contemplates Minimum Wage Hike

Raising the minimum wage is a highly debated topic no matter where you live. In the United States it is common to propose legislation that gets signed by a state’s governor. But citizens can come together and collect signatures for ballot measures also. In Ontario Canada, the government has appointed an advisory panel to give advice on the province’s minimum wage.

The advisory panel is comprised of diverse business groups, workers, labour and youth representatives. They will examine Ontario’s current approach to determining the minimum wage and provide suggestions on future minimum wage adjustments as well as report to the government with recommendations. The panel will report recommendations within six months of the budgets passage which was in June, however, they can be granted an additional three months. We expect for results to be announced sometime in the first half of 2014.

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California’s Legislative Deadline Hangs in the Horizon

The time is almost here…when California’s 2013 legislative session ends for the year. Sunday is Governor Brown’s last day to sign or veto bills that are piled upon his desk. Brown has been busy thus far, signing bills that address key subjects for both businesses and community members alike.

Compliance Poster Company’s Legal Research and Compliance team works diligently to bring you all of the latest developments for the state. Please check our blog page next week where we will review bills that affect businesses and provide a full report.

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Minimum Wage Hike is Coming for San Jose California

The San Jose minimum wage will increase by $0.15 cents to $10.15 per hour effective January 1, 2014. The minimum wage adjusts each year based on the Consumer Price Index. This prevents inflation from eroding its value. By law, employers operating within the city limits of San Jose must pay their employees the minimum wage rate for hours worked. Note: the minimum wage law applies to most San Jose employers and also to some employers outside the city limits when they do business in San Jose. Employers that maintain a facility in San Jose or are subject to the San Jose Business Tax must comply with the ordinance. Additionally, please be aware that the ordinance requires employers, who are based outside of the San Jose city limits, to pay the minimum wage to any employee who performs two (2) or more hours of work per week in San Jose.

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