Quebec Minimum Wage Increases in May

moneyOn January 19, 2017, the Quebec Labour Minister Dominique Vien announced a series of annual minimum wage rate increases. Starting May 1, 2017, the province’s general minimum wage rate will increase from $10.75 per hour to $11.25 per hour.  For tipped employees, the rate will increase from $9.20 per hour to $9.45 per hour. For employees in the clothing industry, the minimum wage will increase from $10.75 per hour to $11.25 per hour.

Employers should be aware that the minimum wage rates are subject to change. As stated by Labour Minister Vien, it will all depend on the economic situation of the province. The goal of the Government of Quebec is to find a “balance between fair wages for workers and the capacity of Quebec business to pay those salaries.”

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District of Columbia’s Extensive Paid Leave Act on Track to Become Law

Paid Parental LeaveIn December, the District of Columbia passed the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2016 (UPLA), a measure that is poised to become the nation’s most generous paid family and medical leave law. The UPLA entitles employees to eight weeks of paid parental leave, six weeks of paid family leave, and two weeks of paid medical leave benefits every year. Fortunately, employers will have plenty of time to prepare. The UPLA still has a few more hurdles to clear before it becomes law and benefits won’t begin until July 1, 2020.

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EEOC Sample Notice Will Keep Your Wellness Program Healthy

Doctor's desk with computer and stethoscopeIn 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) simultaneously released its Final Rules on Employer Wellness Programs in relation to Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). These rules apply to employers who offer wellness programs (including those administered by a third-party, such as through an employer-sponsored group health plan) which provide incentives for employees to answer questions or undergo medical examinations which may reveal genetic information or data about a disability belonging to an employee or the family members of an employee.

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Rhode Island’s Minimum Wage Posting Updated

90533[1]The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training has revised its mandatory Minimum Wage posting to reflect the new minimum wage rate for tipped employees effective January 1, 2017. During Rhode Island’s 2015 legislative session, Governor Raimondo signed House Bill 5364 establishing $3.89 per hour as the minimum amount an employer must pay a tipped employee. The updated Minimum Wage posting contains the new minimum wage rate for employees receiving tips. The minimum wage rate effective date is also reflected on the updated Minimum Wage posting.

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San Diego Minimum Wage Rises – New Poster Required

05075[1]San Diego’s minimum wage earners just got a $1.00 bump in their hourly wages. Effective January 1, 2017, San Diego’s minimum wage rate increased to $11.50 per hour. It’s the second raise workers received in the last six months. Just last June, San Diego voters approved increasing the minimum wage to $10.50 per hour. San Diego’s minimum wage should continue to outpace the state minimum wage rate for the foreseeable future. That’s because the ballot measure passed by the voters also provides that beginning January 1, 2019, and each January 1 thereafter, the minimum wage rate will be adjusted for inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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Broward County Updates Living Wage

Palm frondEffective January 1, 2017, Florida’s Broward County has updated its Living Wage notice. This poster is required to be prominently posted at job sites operated by service providers operating in Broward County that have been awarded a living wage contract.

The living wage which must be paid differs depending on whether or not the employer also provides health insurance. With qualifying health benefits amounting to at least $1.56 per hour, the wage rate is $12.03 per hour. Without qualifying health benefits, the wage rate is $13.59. To qualify, health coverage must include wellness and preventative services, including maternity care.

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Morristown, NJ Releases Paid Sick Leave Notice

Starting Wednesday, January 11, 2017, employers in Morristown, New Jersey are required to provide paid sick leave to their private-sector employees. Sick time may be used for the employer’s own illness, injury, or health condition, or to obtain medical care, or for health reasons of a covered family member, and for public health emergencies. The city of Morristown has released the official Notice of Employee Rights to Paid Sick Time. Under Ordinance O-35-2016, employers are required to provide a copy of the notice to each employee at the commencement of the employee’s employment and to current employees as soon as practical. The notice must also be displayed in a conspicuous place in English and in any language that is the first language of at least 10% of the workforce.

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San Francisco Employers – New Posting Requirements

San Francisco, CA employers perhaps have the most posting compliance responsibilities of any employers in the nation. For San Francisco employers, this year is no exception. Substantial changes were just made to three of the required workplace postings. Employers are required to post these updates immediately:

  • Health Care Security Ordinance
  • Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
  • Paid Parental Leave Ordinance

Health Care Security Ordinance (HSCO)

San Francisco employers are required to spend a minimum amount of money on health benefits for their employees. The minimum amount that an employer must provide in benefits is calculated by multiplying the total number hours the employee works during the quarter by the annual rate established by the City. Effective January 1, 2017, the minimum hourly health care benefit rate has increased to $1.76 per hour for employers with 20-99 employees and to $1.64 per hour for employers with 100+ employees. Employers may not deduct Health Care Security expenditures from employees’ paychecks.

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Maine Modernizes Employment Security Law Posting

Maine Employment Security Law PostingComing fast on the heels of the state’s updated Minimum Wage posting, the Maine Department of Labor has released a new version of the Maine Employment Security Law posting. The Maine Employment Security Law posting informs full- and part-time workers of their rights and responsibilities when filing for unemployment benefits.

The most noticeable difference is a graphic design update which creates a visual consistency between the Employment Security Law posting and other postings created by the Maine Department of Labor. This includes a heading which displays the title of the law described by the posting, a citation of the section of the Maine Revised Statutes which mandates that employers must post the poster in a place where workers can easily see it, the Maine seal, the Maine Department of Labor logo, and a toll-free telephone number which individuals can call if they require more information about the posting.

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New York Releases 2017 Minimum Wage Posting

905011On December 31, 2016, New York’s minimum wage rate increased from $9.00 per hour to $9.70 per hour. Our readers may remember that the New York State Legislature passed legislation that would raise the state minimum wage for all hourly wage workers in accordance with a prescribed schedule. The following minimum wage rates, which are reflected in the new minimum wage posting, will increase to:

  • $11.00 per hour for workers in New York City employed by large businesses (11 or more employees),
  • $10.50 per hour for workers in New York City employed by small businesses (10 or more employees),
  • $10.00 per hour for workers in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, and
  • $9.70 per hour for workers in rest of the state.

New York employers can comply with their posting requirement by obtaining the updated New York All-On-OneTM poster or the New York 2017 Minimum Wage Peel ‘N PostTM. To purchase the labor poster or Peel ‘N PostTM, visit us online at or give us a call at 800.817.7678.

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