California Heat Illness Prevention Rules for Outdoor Workplaces Change

New Outdoor Heat Illness Prevention standards go into effect in California on May 1, 2015. California’s heat illness regulations influence how heat illness prevention and safety standards are implemented across the country. The regulations will affect how employers with employees … Continue reading

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NYC Introduces Bill that Limits the Use of Credit Check in Employment

A bill was recently passed in the city of New York that may prohibit discrimination based on consumer credit history. The term consumer credit history is defined in the bill as the individual’s credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, or … Continue reading

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District of Columbia Wage Theft Prevention Law – Compliance Deadline Ahead

The District of Columbia has stepped up enforcement efforts against wage theft. The District’s Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act of 2014 (WTPAA) went into effect on February 26, 2015, imposing new recordkeeping obligations on employers, establishing additional wage enforcement procedures, … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Domestic Workers Now Protected

A new law protecting domestic workers in the state of Massachusetts is now effective. The Massachusetts Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, effective April 1, 2015, covers individuals who perform work of a domestic nature within a household. Employers employing domestic … Continue reading

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Arkansas DOL Revises Notice to Employer and Employee; Update Required

The Arkansas Department of Labor has released an updated Notice to Employer and Employee. The posting includes an updated child labor section that reflects a recent amendment to the Arkansas Code (AR HB 1116) allowing 17-year-olds to work a greater … Continue reading

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The “Wage Recovery” Ordinance Passed in Osceola County

Employers in Osceola County, Florida must start reviewing their pay practices to make sure they are in compliance with wage and hour laws. As an attempt to prevent and eliminate non-payment or underpayment of earned wages, Ordinance 2015-21 also known … Continue reading

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San Francisco Boosts Minimum Wage for the Second Time This Year

This year, San Francisco, California is making headlines for increasing the minimum wage rate twice in one year. The first increase went into effect January 1, 2015 and raised the minimum wage to $11.05 per hour. The next increase takes … Continue reading

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Seattle, Washington Minimum Wage & Wage Theft Poster Available Now

The City of Seattle, WA has released the workplace posting and employer information template that satisfies the notice requirements of the City’s new Minimum Wage and Wage Theft Ordinances. The new laws: establish City minimum wage rates for work performed … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Updates Employment Discrimination Posting

Oklahoma employees will now have more information about their rights and protections under Oklahoma’s Employment Discrimination Law. The Office of Civil Rights Enforcement (OCRE) has updated the state Employment Discrimination posting to include additional details about what constitutes (1) unlawful … Continue reading

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Virginia Employers Prohibited from Requiring Employees Social Media Passwords

Employers in the state of Virginia must now review their employment policies regarding their current and prospective employees’ social media. Under the new law (Bill 2081), Virginia employers are restricted from accessing personal social media accounts of employees and prospective … Continue reading

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