The New Brunswick All-On-One™ labour law poster notifies employees of provincial labour law employment standards.

27" x 40" laminated both sides.





English 83759 $59.95

Our All-On-One™ poster includes Provincial labour laws to identify important rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Protecting your employees' rights is important in the event of an audit or inspection. For questions about any of the labour law postings, call 1-800-817-7678 to speak to a compliance advisor.

Provincial Postings Include:

Revised 3/2017! New Brunswick Minimum Wage
• Pay Equity in New Brunswick
• NB Job Site Health and Safety
• Types of Employment Leave Under the NB Employment Standards Act
• NB First Aid/Stations
• Pay Day Notice
• Emergency Numbers
• Employment of Children in New Brunswick
• Employment Discrimination is Prohibited in New Brunswick
• Sexual Harassment is Illegal and Prohibited Under the NB Human Rights Code
• NB WorkSafe
• Workers’ Compensation in NB
• Service Canada Employment Insurance Benefits

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    Free Labor Law Posters

    Free labor law posters

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